Home Plumbing Inspections

A key service of KB Plumbing & Heating, LLC is our Home Plumbing Inspection. This type of service is critical to anyone who has just purchased a home or someone who has been in their home for 20 plus years. To outline this inspection process is really quite simple;

We start at the bottom and work our way up!


In the basement we start where the water comes into your home at the water main shut off valve. A common problem we see is main valves that are corroded, leaking, or non-functioning. Another common problem is excessive water pressure. To address these issues we can replace the main water valve or add a pressure reducing valve.

While still in the basement we inspect all domestic water lines and drains for proper pitch and pipe integrity. Your water heater will be checked for safe water temperature and leakage, in addition to proper combustion and CO2 venting. It is not uncommon to find a laundry in the basement as well.


In the laundry we inspect the washing machine shut off valves and hoses, along with the washing machine discharge drain. We also inspect the dryer vent. Common problems are: seized or leaking shut off valves and older dry rotted hoses. An easy solution to remedy these issues is to install a dual clothes washer valve and upgrade to new braided stainless steel water hoses.


In the kitchen we check three main areas; the sink, dishwasher, and the refrigerator water line.

At the sink we commonly find leaky faucets, with slow or leaking drains. Solutions and possible upgrades for your sink could be to repair your existing faucet or upgrade to a more modern faucet that is more user friendly. Solutions and upgrades for your sink drainage would be a drain cleaning or upgrading the under sink drain piping to new PVC drain piping.

At the dishwasher we will inspect the drain and water shut off. We commonly see the drain piped incorrectly. That repair is as simple as properly strapping the drain line since most of the appliance delivery/installer techs never do.

We inspect your refrigerator water line for approved copper tubing, operational shut off valves, and up to date filter cartridges. Commonly found problems are out of date water filters and worn plastic tubing. Logical repairs to address these issues are as simple as replacing plastic for more durable copper tubing in addition to replacing the out dated filter.


In bathrooms we are inspecting 3 main items; the sink, shower, and the toilet. At the sink, it is commonly found to have leaky faucets and slow moving drains. Many of the bathroom sinks we inspect have a faulty drain stopper which is often easily repaired or upgraded.
In the shower we inspect for leak free operation, proper diverter function, and a clean and smooth flowing shower head.
Now, for the best seat in the house…At the toilet, we inspect the operation of internal parts, evaluate the flush cycle, and inspect for any seal leakage. Common problems are: worn parts, running water, or jiggly handles. The possible solutions would be to adjust the existing parts for proper operation or refurbishing your toilet with new internal part. We also offer upgrades to water conserving flush style toilets.


We inspect any exterior gas lines for your barbeque grill or gas lights. In addition, we also inspect any outdoor water spigots. Common problems that we find outside are worn out valves or valves that have experienced frost damage. An additional solution would be to upgrade these valves to frost free hose spigots.